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Statistical Software

General packages

bullet BIOMstat for Windows: basic statistical analysis programs for use with the 4th edition of the text Biometry by Sokal and Rohlf. Version 4.0 (Windows)
bulletEZ-Stat: statistical analysis program (Windows)
bullet SigmaPlot ver. 12: technical graphing with SigmaStat. (Windows)
bulletXLSTAT ver. 2013.4: statistics add-in for Excel. (Windows)

Multivariate data analysis packages

bulletNTSYSpc: numerical taxonomy system for cluster and ordination analysis. Version 2.2 (Windows)
bulletChameleon Statistics: cluster analysis and data visualization (Windows).
bulletMVSP: multivariate statistical package (Windows)

Comprehensive packages

bullet Systat ver. 13 for Windows: comprehensive statistics, graphics, and data management system. (Windows)

Other packages

bullet SYN-TAX 2000: This software has recently been made free by János Podani. Click the link at the left for him website. (WINDOWS 95, 98, and NT)