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Simstat 2.5

Output management features

The Notebook window displays the statistical output for all analysis performed during a session. The notebook metaphor provides an efficient way to browse and manage outputs.

bulletThe text output of each analysis is displayed on a separate page.
bulletEach page can be annotated or edited.
bulletEmpty pages can be inserted to put down ideas or remarks, sketch an analysis plan, or write down interpretation of results.
bulletTabs can be added to create sections in the notebook allowing storage of different kinds of analysis in different sections of the notebook.
bulletAn index of all analysis is automatically generated. This index can be used to quickly locate and go to a specific page, move pages within the notebook, or delete some pages.
bulletNew 2.5! Rich Text notebook allows one to change font attributes (bold, underline, strikeout, italic) and font colors.
bulletNew 2.5! Highlight tool allows to color passages of text.
bulletNew 2.5! Notebooks can be exported in Rich Text Format or in plain text.

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