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PANKEY, programs for identification

PANKEY is a package of programs that provide specialized tools for problems of diagnosis or identification in biology and medicine. Programs are included for processing taxonomic data that are suitable to use when preparing monographs, handbooks, floras or faunas, in which species, diseases or other taxa are described and identified. There are also an expert interactive program for specimen identification (on-line diagnosis) with images, conversion routines that prepare data for numerical taxonomy (clustering and cladistics), and a data editor designed to work with taxonomic data. Includes a 160+ page user manual.

The PANKEY programs use data in version 3 of the DELTA  standard format (or a binary version of the DELTA format). This allows a very flexible free-format input with no restrictions about the kinds of characters which can be expressed or to the description of variability.

The system consists of the following programs:
bulletCHANAL - character analysis
bulletDELPAUP1 - convert for cladistic analyses
bulletDESCRIP3 - generate taxonomic descriptions
bulletKCONI - interactive key construction
bulletKEY3M3 - non-interactive key construction
bulletKPRINT - generate printed key
bulletMATCH - identification by matching
bulletONLIN7 - online identification
bulletSC3 - generate similarity coefficients
bulletSPD1 - generate diagnostic descriptions
bulletDEDIT - DELTA editor

Additional information is available as a PDF file.

Requirements: 640K RAM, 2.4MB disk space, DOS 5.0+, VGA or better monitor.

Cost: $235 ($185 educational institutions). Ten-user site license $705 ($535 educational)

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