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Summary of what was new in NTSYSpc ver. 2.0

bulletNTSYSpc has been redesigned to be a Windows 95 program. It will also run under Windows NT. It will take advantage of many Windows 95 features such as long file names. Memory management is now simpler and larger datasets can now be processed by many of the computational modules (there is still a limitation in MDSCALE and NJOIN). Note: the main objective of this release was to convert NTSYSpc from DOS to Windows95 rather than to add new computational modules (that will be the emphasis of future releases).
bulletThe entry forms have been simplified but the format is similar. The same batch codes are used for the various fields (although some have been dropped because some fields are no longer used).
bulletAll of the listing results are saved to a Listing notebook window where you can save, delete, or even edit the results. You can also conveniently cut and paste them into other software such as word processors.
bulletInput file formats have not changed - except that there is no longer a length restriction to the input lines. Long file names permits much more descriptive identifiers-very important in more complicated analyses involving many files.
bulletA new NTedit program replaces the previous NTEDITOR program. It displays NTSYSpc files in an appropriate spreadsheet-like format. Long input lines supported. It is able to imports data from Excel.
bulletGraphics have been greatly improved and can be called directly from many of the computational modules by the use of speed buttons on a toolbar. The entry forms for the graphics programs have also been simplified since the graphic options are now available from option dialog boxes. You can now control the titles, scale, colors, fonts, line widths, etc. of most aspects of the plots.
bulletBatch files have been changed to allow both longer lines and the ability to have continuation lines.
bulletThe information in the previous User Manual has been divided into this User Guide and an extensive help file. The help file contains the detailed technical descriptions of each computational module.

Sample screen shots for NTSYSpc.

Technical details of what is included in NTSYSpc.

This file was last modified on 8 June 1998.

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