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ModelManager is a Windows-based program for the deployment, storage and reporting of mathematical models. Our first release of ModelManager, known as Environmental Kinetics (or EK), has been designed with environmental fate scientists in mind. ModelManager (EK) enables compound degradation data from multiple studies to be optimized against several user defined or pre-defined models. The results of model optimization and best model to fit the data are stored in an Access database and then compared in an Excel report. ModelManager (EK) uses the robust calculation engine of ModelMaker, widely used in environmental sciences.

ModelManager (EK) includes a range of models although new models can be added, and any model can be deleted using the ModelManager Wizard. In addition ModelManager comes with ModelXchange functionality enabling organizations to exchange models hosted on a website.

Requirements: MS Windows 95/98/NT/XP.

Cost: ModelManager $1,500 annual license (academic users $1,050 annual license). ModelManager manuals $75. Add $50 to all prices for shipping costs. 

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