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Biometry: the principles and practice of statistics in biological research

Now in its fourth edition (published September 2012), this text has become the classic text on the application of statistics to biology since its initial publication in 1969. Biometry 4ed

The complete reference is:

Sokal, R. R. and F. J. Rohlf. 2012. Biometry: the principles and practice of statistics in biological research. 4th edition. W. H. Freeman and Co.: New York. 937 pp.
ISBN: 0-7167-8604-4 or 978-0-7167-8604-7.

Chapter titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Data in biology
  3. Computers and data analysis
  4. Descriptive statistics
  5. Introduction to probability distribution: binomial and Poisson
  6. The normal probability distribution
  7. Estimation and hypothesis testing
  8. Introduction to the analysis of variance
  9. Single-classification analysis of variance
  10. Nested analysis of variance
  11. Two-way and multiway analysis of variance
  12. Statistical power and sample size in the analysis of variance
  13. Assumptions of analysis of variance
  14. Linear regression
  15. Correlation
  16. Multiple and curvilinear regression
  17. Analysis of Frequencies
  18. Miscellaneous methods

New to this edition

An Increased Focus on Computer-Based Statistical Methods.  The authors have continued to recast most of their popular boxes to use computational formulas used in the latest computer based statistical methods.  These boxes demonstrate how the methods are used to solve key biometric problems and serve as brief summaries of the techniques discussed in the chapter.  Computational formulas have also been replaced throughout with simpler structural formulas for ease of understanding. Topics covered in the new computational boxes include 

  • Testing of statistical hypotheses is introduced using permutation tests. Jackknife and bootstrap methods are also introduced.
  • Meta-analysis (CH 18)

Matrix methods. Matrix methods are introduced in new sections on multiple regression, general linear models, ancova, and curvilinear regression. A new appendix on matrix algebra is also included

New Chapter on Statistical Power and Sample Size Estimation.  The new edition features a new chapter that covers statistical power, measures of effect size, and the estimation of sample size required for a test.  It includes methods for constructing confidence intervals of effect sizes  making use of the non-central t- and F-distributions. There is also a new sectionon problems with post-hoc power analyses.
Up-to-Date Coverage of Key Developments in Biostatistics.   This edition includes the most up-to-date coverage of key topics and trends in the discipline.  New topic coverage includes: 

  • Recent developments in computing hardware and software (CH 3) 
  • New chapter on statistical power and sample size in the analysis of variance (CH 12) and new sections on effect size, power, and sample size (CH 14, 15, 16, and 17)
  • Dunnett’s test for comparing treatment means against a control is now included (CH9)
  • Expanded coverage of model II regression (CH 14). 
  • Multiple comparisons among cell means in a two-way ANOVA when interaction is present (CH 12)Coverage of the most recent methods for the estimation of variance components and their confidence intervals (CH 9).
  • Path analysis coverage has been extended to include structural equation modeling (CH 16)
  • New coverage of the use of the Akaike’s information criterion and related criteria for fitting complex models (CH 16)
  • An updated version of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for comparing frequency distribution is included.
  • Major new section on meta-analysis (CH 18)
  • The Shapiro-Wilk test for normality and Levene's test for homogeneity of variances are now included (CH13)

Statistical tables

Tables 4ed The accompanying book of tables for the fourth edition is now available.

The complete reference to the 4th edition is:

Rohlf, F. J. and R. R. Sokal. 2012. Statistical tables. 4th edition. W. H. Freeman and Co.: New York. 258 pp. ISBN: 1-4292-4031-8.

BIOMstat for Windows

The new version (version 4.0) of this software will be available soon (just have to finish the documentation). Version 3.3 can still be used but it does not include the newer methods added to the 4th edition of Biometry and the cross-references in the listing output are for the 3rd edition of Biometry. The software was designed to be used along side of the text Biometry. Almost all the statistical methods in the text are implemented in the BIOMstat software. The listing output identifies the sections in Biometry where the user can read about how to interpret the results of a particular analysis.

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